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Frequently Asked Questions



You can subscribe for one month the superior plan, testing and the following month, return on the initial plan.
The number of users is the maximum number of login / password pair existing at any given time on the account (active or inactive). If you have reached the maximum number of your formula, you can delete a couple login / password and recreate one. A course or a deleted user actually counts for -1.
Yes, you can import courses in SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 format into SPOT LMS. The test results present in the SCORMS are reported in SPOT LMS as for tests built natively in SPOT LMS.
The instructor creates the course. The referent answered questions learners and correcting homework learners.
Yes, we use STRIPE ( services receipts by card for their quality of service, their safety and the perfect integration within SPOT
The monthly plan is terminated at any time, you must log every month to make payment. The annual plan is cheaper, at equal length, and does not require you to log in each month to the payment interface. You can also change your offer (more or less) during the year.
Yes, the instructor who created the course can decide to allow or prohibit the downloading of elements by learners, he can also specifically prohibit the downloading of content within the course. The download ban requires a fee-based offer of a certain level.
Yes, but only for video SPOT managed and hosted by SPOT, it is not possible for Internet videos like Youtube, ...
Your administrator has set up accounts for each user, with a different LOGIN and PASSWORD. For each creation, the user automatically receives a mail with login information. Each user can connect with this information and with a browser; it will be possible to follow the progress of his work.
No, SPOT LMS is a solution in Cloud (Saas). The technical infrastructure is transparent to you; you can focus on the educational dimension.
Yes, the instructor has all the integrated tools to create its course and make available to its students. The construction of the course is very simple and intuitive.
We do not offer content (except of course templates that facilitate course design). Our platform of courses and management can accommodate any type of content (video, pdf, quiz ...).
You can integrate your logo as soon as you create your account. Each user will find it on every page he or she goes through. From the PRO offer, it is possible to customize the SPOT theme (colors). In the BUSINESS and PREMIUM offers, white label and personalized domain name are available, allowing you to change the login, disconnection,... It is also possible in the PREMIUM offer to customize the dashboard thumbnails.